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12 Oct 2010

How to make women hot?

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Before having sex with women you must make them hot. Making a woman hot is not difficult but takes a lot of patience and care. Why did I say that?

The most important thing in any relationship – may be your girlfriend or your beloved wife – is that you understand your partners’ needs. In most of the cases your partner will tell you or show some signs that can easily lead you to the answer. You didn’t notice any of those? Then probably you didn’t pay attention to your partner, or if you did, that wasn’t enough since you still missed some details.

Making a woman hot can easily start with small things. For instance, if you are out in town at a fancy restaurant having a romantic dinner, your appearance and your gestures can start turning your partner on. Is there some good music and you two can dance? Ask your partner and dance in a cool way making her hot. You can slightly start caressing her if it’s a slow dance or be erotic when it comes to tango.

If your partner likes you to say things like that (only try this if you really know her preferences), you can make some compliments like how sexy she is and how you feel like you’d do something nasty and wild with her. If you don’t know your partner that good, you can add simple compliments but all at the right time and never too many of them.

When getting to the place you want to make love take care of all details. When you want quality sex with women a good foreplay is very important. You can be creative with the foreplay too. You can make a woman hot, really hot, if you play more in a way she likes it. You can try having a sexy shower together without actually having sex in the shower. You can simply wash every single part of her body and add some extra care when washing her genitals and breasts.

After being done with the foreplay your partner should really be hot. How you notice you really turned her on? She’ll have a different look on her face, she’ll start being more provocative than before and she’ll probably start undressing you or even say pervert things she wouldn’t say when you’re out somewhere. Of course every woman acts differently, these are just hints.

The successful way to make women hot is paying attention to every single detail and understanding your partner and doing everything right, step by step.

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