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24 Dec 2010

Sex with women over 40

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If you’re younger like around 20 you may be laughing, why should you ever fuck an old fat lady? Well, I’ll tell you why!

Having sex with women is one of our basic needs, we’re men. In most of the cases it is not your own satisfaction and orgasm that is hard to reach but the satisfaction and orgasm of your partner is even harder to reach. Well, when dealing with women over 40, it’s the other way around: you are the one who’ll get a satisfaction hard to forget.

How can sex with women over 40 be so great? Simply they have an experience a teenage girl could never have unless she’s been fucking around with everybody since she had her first period. Women over 40 have really seen everything and know how to satisfy men.

Just think about how horny you will be after getting to the point when women over 40 will be sucking your dick taking it so deep into the mouth and riding you so wild like you’ll feel you need to scream. After being so turned on you’ll stop thinking about the fat on their bodies or not so beautiful tits they have. That won’t matter since your dick will go wild and make you scream out of pleasure.

Some say that having sex with women over 40 was the best sexual experience they ever had. Most of those women will only want you to get satisfied and that’s something they will achieve while not every younger woman can achieve that no matter how good looking and perfect she is.

If you want the perfect experience of your sexual life you should definitely have sex with women over 40. At first you may think of it as being something really shameful and stupid but after trying you’ll realize how great and smart it actually is.

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Were you ever in that unpleasant situation when your girlfriend just didn’t want to suck your dick for whatever reason she invented or didn’t want to have a more extreme foreplay just because she thought she wouldn’t enjoy it? Well that’s not the case when having sex with women over 40.

Fortunately women over 40 already have that great experience about how important it is to make men happy. When men are happy they don’t cheat and don’t have higher expectations from their partners. Probably that’s why so many girls lose their boyfriends. Boys need more sex while girls need more care, that’s how simply things are. Women over 40 know that already and if you have sex with them they won’t tell you to stop because of any reason, they’ll let you fuck them until you can and wish. That is absolutely great for your sexual life!

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