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5 Nov 2010

Why women like sex?

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Women have something men will never have in the same way no matter what they do. Wondering what that is? It is the ability of having multiple orgasms one after another!

Imagine how exciting it is to make a girl scream out of pleasure while fucking her. Hearing her scream will probably make you cum sooner than you would do without. The first orgasm may come easy. Second orgasm and all orgasms after the second are a bit “harder” for women’s body. That doesn’t mean they will be tired and ask you to stop. It will be harder to get to the orgasm, but when having the orgasm, the intensity of sensations isn’t doubtful anymore.

Women surely like sex if they are with men who can give them the screamingly hot pleasure of having multiple orgasms after each other. You might be thinking how anyone could achieve that. Well it is commonly known that not all men can make their women reach orgasm. Why? In most cases it is very hard to explain. Of course, women need to have that certain mood before reaching orgasm, but that’s something you should take care of as a man, right? If some guys, luckier guys have already learned how to make their women scream it is an excellent start.

Men need to control themselves in order for their partners to have multiple orgasms. Sex isn’t like masturbating. While having sexual intercourse you should take care to only cum as late as possible. Why? Your body needs a little rest after releasing semen. It can simply be 5 minutes or last as long as an hour, but you need to rest. While resting, women may lose that mood or not feel like wanting to have a new intercourse when you’re ready. That’s bad, that way you won’t give your partner the opportunity to achieve what she wants to achieve. Find out what turns her on! Find out what pleasures her pussy the most! That is the only thing you need to know and your girl will keep screaming out of pleasure, of course.

Women also like sex because they need sex. That is available for men too, your body needs sex. By having sex you can release the sexual energy from your body, which is a negative energy when kept inside for too long.

I hope you got your answer(s) and now know why women like sex. If this is not enough then go, have a little fun, ask some women when they’re in the right mood, they’ll certainly tell you something similar. If not, they are probably lying.

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